Seine fishing in summer

Summer seine fishing usually starts with a search for the fish. We use fish finders or echo sounders to help us in this task.

The fish finder is a great help in locating shoals of fish hiding in the depths of the lakes. Especially before spawning in autumn, vendace and also whitefish in some lakes are gathered into large shoals by the basins at the bottom of the lake. This so called basin fishing season is the best money making time for professional fishermen. In addition to fish, the catch also includes plenty of the valuable side product of vendace or whitefish roe.

When the shoals of fish have been found, the next job is to mark the dragging place where the seine is finally dragged up from the lake. After this, the seine is set behind the fish in a semi-circular shape. Then the seine rafts or boats are driven and anchored to both sides of the dragging place, and the seine ropes are reeled in. This makes the seine nets move together, and the ropes are also brought up with them. Now the actual seine dragging starts. The seine is dragged to the rafts and the fish caught inside the net circle are led to the back of the net.