Kalatalo Fish Market

Kalatalo Fish Market brings together the whole chain of local fish industries, from primary production to refining and sales. Kalatalo Fish Market serves as the logistics centre for fresh fish, frozen fish, and processed fish products.

Kalatalo Fish Market is located in the vicinity of the Kuusamo town centre.

There are new, modern facilities for two companies of the fishing industry, Luonnonkala Oy which administers the facilities and operations of the primary producers, and a fish processing company Kitkan Herkku Oy.

Kalatalo Fish Market provides cleaning and sorting facilities, 80 m² of freezer storage space, and an IQF (individually quick frozen) line for professional fishermen. On the IQF line the fish or fish products are taken on a conveyor belt to an extremely effective wind tunnel where the products are frozen very quickly. Quickly frozen products preserve their original characteristics notably better than products that are frozen in a more traditional way. For instance, a small four-gram vendace will freeze from +1˚C to -20˚C in a few minutes. The product can also be sprayed with glazing water which forms a thin film of ice on the product surface, which protects the product from freeze drying during storage.

Individually frozen products also thaw quickly, and this feature is useful in terms of minimizing food loss. It is easy to take only the needed amount of e.g. fish fillets from the freezer, and there is no need to defrost the entire package at one go.

Kitkan Herkku Oy

Kitkan Herkku Oy has modern fish processing facilities which fulfil all food legislation standards of today. The facilities include a smokehouse, an institutional kitchen, a packing room, and a cold storage space.

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