Koillismaan Luonnonkala Oy - company introduction

Koillismaan Luonnonkala Oy is a company owned by professional fishermen from Kuusamo and Posio. The company facilities at Kalatalo Fish Market include modern rooms for primary production, for cleaning and freezing of fish. The company also operates as the joint marketing company for the fishermen of the Northeast Finland area, and sells the fishermen’s catch as fresh and frozen products. A company owned by several fishermen is able to offer their customers a better delivery guarantee than a single fisherman.


Koillismaan Luonnonkala Oy is a company that sells the products of its associates. We sell fish, fillets, and roe, both fresh and frozen. Vendace is the most common catch of the area, but we also catch whitefish, pike, perch, roach, ruff, and burbot. All these are available from us, depending on the season and fishing methods.

Our customers are mainly fish wholesale or retail companies, makers of processed fish products, and restaurants.
We also provide freezing and storage services for people other than our own associates.