Fish populations and Harbours

Fish populations

Fish populations of the clean, still drinkable waters of the area are strong. Fishing focusses on harvesting the yearly production and it does not endanger the naturally reproducing populations. A good example of this is the fact that all the target catch species of the area are found on the green list of WWF Sustainable Seafood Consumer Guide, i.e. they are recommended for use. WWF kalaopas.

Fishing Harbours

In addition to Kalatalo Fish Market, there are three fishing harbours with certified facilities in Northeast Finland. These are the Mourusalmi fishing harbour in Posio, and the Ala-Kitka and Sossonniemi fishing harbours in Kuusamo (see map). All harbours have proper fish processing facilities and ice chip maintenance. The harbours are an important part of the cold chain which ensures the high quality of the fish sold in shops and farmer's markets.